Dust Collection
Cartridge & Bag Type
Continuous & Intermittent Cleaning
Down Draft Benches-
Environmental Control Booths
Cyclones & Baghouses
Explosion Supression

Vacuum Systems
Central Systems
Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Oil/ Water-based Coolant Mist, Smoke & Fume Collection
Machine Mountable & Central System Type
Corrosive Resistant Fume Scrubbers
Ambient Air Fume Collectors
Odor Control Equipment
Welding Fume & Smoke Collectors

Make Up Air & Heating Equipment
Direct Fired- Gas
Electric & Steam Fired
Indirect Fired- Oil & Gas

Industrial Fans & Blowers
High Heat
High Pressure
Material Handling
PVC & Fiberglass Corrosive Resistant

General Ventilation Fans
Power Roof Ventilators
Tubeaxial & Vaneaxial Duct Fans
Wall Fans
Kitchen Exhaust & Supply
Fume Hood Exhaust
Filtered Supply

Auxiliary Equipment
Source Capture Fume Arms
Vehicle Exhaust Systems
Rotary Air Locks & Feeder Valves
Exhaust Silencers & Sound Enclosures
HEPA & Ashrae Filter Housings
Noise Control Products

Replacement Filters
Dust Collector Cartridges & Bags
HEPA, Pleated, Panel & Carbon
Air Compressor, Vacuum & Blower Inlet
Cartridge & Bag Cleaning Service

Engineering Services
Romco partners with Energize Connecticut to provide commercial, industrial and institutional customers with a variety of energy-saving programs.
Custom Designed Equipment
Upgrades for your current system to enhance performance
Engineered Turnkey Systems:
HVAC design
Plating & Stripping
Exhaust Systems
Clean Rooms
Dust Collection and Process Ventilation
Custom Spray/Paint Booths
Noise Control Products