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Dust, fumes and mists are created by most manufacturing processes. Romco has solutions for any of these challenges.​

Saving energy and increasing production efficiency while controlling indoor air quality is a challenging aspect of plant management. Dust, fume or mist extractors, whether used for pollution control or product recovery, can impact all these areas.


  • Industrial Dust Collection Systems – Industrial dust collection is accomplished using technologies that include cartridge dust collectors, downdraft tables, environmental control booths, baghouse dust collectors, cyclone collectors and industrial HEPA filter units.
  • Industrial Vacuum Systems – Nuisance and process- generated dust,  material conveying, housekeeping, and systems designed to prevent deposition of and augment “clean-up” of dust.
  • Wet Scrubbers – Fume scrubbers and wet scrubbers limit stack emissions emitted by industrial operations.
  • Welding Exhaust Systems – Harmful weld smoke and fumes generated in plant environments must be contained to avoid health risks. Weld smoke collectors clean the air and protect workers from inhaling toxic elements emitted by manufacturing operations.
  • Fume Extraction Arms – Source capture of a pollutant is the most cost-effective way to manage air pollution. When these sources are not stationary, fume extraction arms effectively manage the smoke, fume and dust collection.
  • Oil Mist Collectors – Work environments must be protected from the dispersion of industrial metalworking fluids such as straight oil or water-soluble coolants, which are process generated in the form of mists. Mist collectors for oil and water-based coolant are available for single or multiple applications.
  • Dust Control Booths – When source capture of a pollutant is not an option, dust control booths can often provide the needed solution. Rigid sheet metal walls or soft-sided fabric walls booths allow safe and complete capture of generated dusts, smoke or fumes.
  • Source Capture Hoods – Collecting pollutants at the source is the best way to minimize the cost and complexity of the air cleaning device. Hoods are available as off-the-shelf items or customized to fit around process machinery to ensure minimal airflow and maximal capture.
  • Downdraft Tables and Benches – Downdraft tables and benches allow the operator to place small to medium sized products on the open bar grating work surface for deburring and finishing work that generate dust.The downdraft air flow captures and collects the dust or chips before they are distributed through out the manufacturing facility. Positioning an air cleaning downdraft table or bench at the work point is an excellent way to improve productivity while maintaining a safe and clean workspace.
  • Air Filter Housings – Air filter assemblies include a filter housing, transitions to a duct system and air filter elements. These are side access filter housings designed for MERV rated panel filters, bag filters, or HEPA and ULPA filters.
  • Dust Collector Filters – Filters need to be selected for capture efficiency and release characteristics that are based on the smoke, mist, or dust being collected.